Fashion and Accessories OOTD Tricks That Make You Look Slender For All Ages

Which woman does not want to look thinner and slimmer in all occasions. If your diet has not worked, then try the powerful ninja way. The trick is to choose the right clothes and accessories.

Not only fitting, the OOTD clothing and accessories that you use must also be able to highlight the advantages of yourself and your body so that it gives the impression of a thin and slim body. Here is a selection of clothing and accessories that can be followed by all women of all ages.

1 V-Neck Dress

Dress with a V-neck collar detail will strengthen your shoulder line and lengthen your neck and chest. Not only that, a wider V-Neck is also able to balance the shape of your wide hips and thighs.

2 Wear clothes of one color from top to bottom

To create the slimmest look, no matter how fat you are, mix tops and bottoms in the same color and intensity group or one color. It doesn’t matter if you use a combination of motifs, as long as the color is one tone.

3 Wear a loose dress without a belt

Wearing a belt or obi often accentuates the shape of your stomach that may be distended. So, it’s better when wearing a loose dress you don’t wear a belt that makes your body shape more visible.

4 Increase your height

Slender appearance attached to a towering height. If you have a short body, then do not be discouraged just yet. Choose high heels or with thick soles that help increase your height so that it looks slim.

5 Pair plain black bottoms with statement tops

Black is believed to be able to help the body look slimmer. Women’s problems are usually in the thighs, pelvis, buttocks, and stomach. It can all be covered with plain black bottoms, from pants to skirts. For superiors, choose one that has a motif or add a unique statement, such as a scarf, brooch, or necklace.

6 Show your wrists and feet

Another key to mix and match clothes and accessories that help you look slim is to reveal a little more wrists and legs. Choose 7/8 culottes and also roll up the sleeves of your long shirt to give it a slimmer look through the wrists and legs.

All of the above fashion and accessory OOTD tricks can be applied by all women of all ages, from their 20s to their 50s. Looking slim just got easier and faster, right?

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