Fashion Tips: 5 Inspirations to Wear a Shirt Dress to the Office, Casual but Still Polite

One of the items that must be in your office clothing collection is a shirt-dress. This dress is modeled like a shirt, only the size is longer. Usually there is a knee or calf. So when worn looks like a dress. But this fashion model is sometimes considered too casual. In fact, if worn correctly, the results will still be polite and professional.
Well, for those of you who are interested in going to the office wearing a shirt-dress but confused about how to mix and match it, coilWOMAN has some tips. Not only will it make you look more stylish, the following fashion tips will also make your style of wearing a shirt-dress to the office look polite. Read more below, Ladies.

1 Made outer

If you have a long shirt-dress, you can make it an outer. The trick, wear a crop top and high-waisted pants. Then add your long shirt-dress as an outer. To be more dynamic, you don't need to attach the buttons, OK, ladies.

2 Pair with pants

Another tip is to combine a shirt-dress with pants. Can be jeans or pants of other materials according to your taste. For an unusual look, button half your shirt-dress from the top to the stomach and leave the rest open. How to use this can make you not seem 'drowned' when wearing a shirt-dress.

3 Choose a soft color

To stay polite, try to choose a soft shirt-dress color. For example, such as light blue, white, or pastel colors. Avoid using color-matched shirts or too many motifs so that your appearance at the office still looks professional.

4 Wear a knee-length shirt dress

For those of you who don't like layering, shirt-dresses also look chic without being added. But so that you can still wear it to the office, you can choose knee-length or calf-length shirts. So that you are also more comfortable when sitting and are not reprimanded for impolite clothing.

5 edgy style with boots

Another tip that you can try is to mix and match a shirt dress with boots. This one method can make your style look edgy. The shirt-dress model that is suitable to be combined with boots is a midi size, usually a calf length.

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