Fashion Trends Popularized by the Pop Princess in the 2000s

The trend in the style of the 2000s has become an iconic one. Not only cute styles, the 2000s are also decorated with edgy styles that show OOTD Street style.

The number of role models that influenced the dress style of the 2000s, there were Pop Princesses who also made their own trend. Because they are so iconic, their style is still popular today.

1 Ashlee Simpson, with effortless style, looks even cooler when using various statement accessories.

2 Mandy Moore in a trendy sweet style with a vibrant skirt combined with casual mules.

3 Kelly Clarkson once made a trend to pair mini dresses with jeans that were popular in the 2000s.

4 Having a unique personal style, an edgy Pink style with all-oversized clothes and a cropped top, had become a favorite of young people at that time.

5 The popularity of Avril Lavigne has made her style imitated by fans, one of which is the mini pants combined with socks, slip-on shoes or sneakers.

6 other Princess of Pop, Christina Aguilera, once made a style trend that looks sexier with a touch of HipHop style.

7 There are many Britney Spears who became the fashion trend of the 2000s. In addition to the tied shirt that looks cropped top, vinyl pants and cropped tank are also no less favorites.

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