Fashionable and Cheerful, OOTD Simple Style Inspiration ala Nisya Ahmad

The COVID-19 pandemic situation is getting better. Several shopping centers, tourist attractions to cinemas, have now started to reopen. After a long time, I can finally hangout with friends again.
After a long time of activities at home, you must be confused about what outfit you are ready to wear when hanging out with your friends, right? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. So that you don’t get confused, here are some inspirations for Nisya Ahmad’s OOTD style that are very easy to imitate. Accentuating a fashionable and cheerful impression, you know!

1 Only with a mix and match of crop tops, ripped jeans and slip on sandals, your style is really wow, you know!

2 Green Midi dresses for a sweeter and more cheerful appearance. Don’t forget other supporting outfits like hand bags!

3 Mix and match a gray cardigan combined with black pants and inner, perfect for a casual hangout

4 Mix and match outfits with the monochrome theme of Raffi Ahmad’s sister are also very easy to imitate, you know!

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