Fashionable Style Inspiration for Campus in the style of the heir to the Belgian throne, an easy way to look elegant in the style of royalty

Princess Elisabeth's name seems less familiar when compared to members of the British Empire such as Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle. Princess Elisabeth Duchess of Brabant is heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Belgium. He is the eldest child of King Phillippe and Queen Mathilde. Now, he is 19 years old and studying at Lincoln College, a college at the University of Oxford.

As a daughter as well as a student, of course Elisabeth often looks fashionable at various events she visits. Not only that, you can also copy Elisabeth's fashionable style for outfits to go to campus.

Let's see and check the style!

1 Princess Elisabeth in Trending Sweater Vest

On this occasion, Princess Elisabeth looked fashionable with her casual style. He is seen wearing a white top which is combined with a sweater vest or waistcoat which is now a trend.

For his subordinates, he chose to wear blue skinny jeans and an accessory in the form of a black belt. No need to be weird, he also chose a simple style by wearing white sneakers as his footwear.

2 Elisabeth Princesses in Motif Blazers

Mix and match using fashion items in the form of a blazer can also make you look fashionable and elegant. Like Princess Elisabeth's semi-formal appearance this time.

On that occasion, Princess Elisabeth was seen wearing a houndstooth blazer as her outer. The blazer looks combined with skinny jeans which makes the style look fashionable. Very suitable, yes, for you to cheat as an outfit to campus.

3 Princess Elisabeth in Turtleneck Sweaters

Next, there is the appearance of Princess Elisabeth who looks stunning with a pink turtleneck sweater which she combines with a brown jacket.

On that occasion, he was seen wearing blue jeans and white sneakers. Even though it's casual, it still looks fashionable!

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