Felicya Angelista vs Mieke Amalia style competition, compact like brothers and sisters!

Mieke Amalia and Felicya Angelista were brought together through a soap opera project entitled The Upside Down World. The two of them are paired as mother and child, no wonder this soap opera with thousands of episodes has succeeded in making Feli and Mieke closer.

Not only in soap operas, their friendship continues outside the filming location. Even though the age is quite different, Mieke's style is no less fashionable than Felicya, you know! Come on, take a peek at the Felicya Angelista vs Mieke Amalia style battle below!

1 When met in a soap opera, Felicya looked different wearing a bright robe and hijab. Mieke as her mother, wear a matching blouse & skirt

2 Often meet outside of soap operas, Mieke and Feli compactly wear dark-themed dresses and suits when attending awards ceremonies

3 As cool as he was, Mieke wore a sleeveless jumpsuit and a brown sling bag. Felicya is no less charming in a slim fit dress & black studded heels

4 Present for Feli's birthday, their style is similar and formal compact wearing a blazer, making them like peers!

5 For a cool reference to wear during formal events, you can choose dresses from ethnic fabrics like Feli or embroidered floral dresses like Mieke.

6 You are equally edgy wearing a t-shirt and boots vs a blazer and heels, whose style is more quirky?

7 Floral dresses always exude a feminine charm. The detail of the salmon pink flower gives a sweet yet fashionable impression!

8 Mix and match a denim top with a mini skirt or V-neck blouse with ripped jeans, perfect for a daily outfit that is relaxed but still stylish

9 While on vacation, the two of them wear a quilted coat compact. Fashionable auto combined with army pants & boots or wide pants & vans shoes

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