Feminine with Dress, Know the Size Chart First Before Buying

Dress is one of the outfit choices when women want to appear more feminine, for that we have to know the right size.

Usually women will wear dresses only on certain occasions, but it does not rule out the possibility of a simple dress with the right size to wear to hang out with friends.

For women, knowing the size of the dress that is worn is necessary, because if you choose the wrong size, it will certainly affect your appearance, Stylovers.

For that, let's start to care more about the size chart of the clothes you are wearing so that your appearance will be even more stunning.

Dress is still a favorite among women because it can be worn by women who wear hijab or not.

Having a lot of models makes it easier for women to choose a dress according to the occasion.

Below is a table of size chart from UrbanPlanet.com for women's dresses.

When viewed from this women's dress size chart, we need to measure the length of the bust, waist and hips first.

To measure the length of the chest circumference, waist circumference and hip circumference, use a measuring tape that is looped around the chest, waist and hips.

If after measuring your bust ranges from 31 inches - 33 inches, waist circumference 23 inches - 24 inches, then your hips are 34 inches - 35 inches, it means that you are suitable to wear a dress with double extra small size (XXS).

But if it turns out that after measuring your chest circumference 39 inches - 41 inches, waist circumference 31 inches - 32 inches and hip circumference 41 inches - 42 inches.

Then the dress size that is right for you goes into size large (L).

So that's the dress size chart and how to measure it.

So you just need to adjust your body size Stylovers.

Hopefully this is useful and not confused anymore when buying women's dresses.

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