Get to know Preppy, Nerdy and Quirky, Fashion Styles Inspired by Schoolchildren

When it comes to fashion, of course there is no end, SoHip. Inspiration for clothes can come from anywhere, including the appearance of school children. Maybe some of SoHip doesn’t expect it, but it’s possible that you often apply it.

This schoolgirl’s display fashion, named preppy, nerdy, to quirky. The fashion is much influenced by American or European students, where they are free to choose which clothes are suitable for studying. So, what is it about? What’s the difference? Instead of being curious, let’s discuss the difference.

Preppy style inspired by school children who have middle and upper economic status

As discussed in a previous article, preppy is the appearance of an educated elite youth. The word preppy itself comes from prepparatory which was based on prepparatory schools in America in the 90s. The appearance of the students at the school has inspired preppy looks to this day.

This fashion look is synonymous with a smart, elegant and elegant appearance. One of them, using a blazer and formal subordinates can make you look neat and educated. You can also use a calm shirt combined with a skirt to make it look elegant. Use elegant colors to make your appearance look more classy.

Next up is nerdy, which refers to nerdy students who like to learn

In contrast to preppy who seems classy, ​​this nerd is likened to a student who only knows how to learn and even lacks social relations. They are usually likened to a quiet person with glasses and stirrup. Not infrequently they are often narrated as objects of bullying in several films.

However, their plain appearance is one of the inspirations for the nerdy style that looks cute and innocent. Usually the iconic nerd appearance is in the form of wearing glasses and closed clothes. You can use comfortable clothes such as shirts, sweaters and of course glasses.

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