Get to know Slow Fashion, an Eco-Friendly Way to Stylish

Have you ever heard the term slow fashion? This term emerged along with the awareness that fashion contributes to waste that can damage the environment. Slow fashion then became an influential movement in saving the environment.

Want to know more about the slow fashion movement? Come on, see the following discussion.

1 As the name suggests, slow fashion is made with a slower process, this helps fashion items don’t change quickly following trends.

2 Slow fashion products also tend to be made for a long service life so they are not easily worn out and then wasted.

3 With the advantages of a long service life, of course the raw materials in making slow fashion are also of higher quality. Examples of commonly used materials are cotton, linen, and tencel.

4 Tencel material is made from wood fiber which can be produced in a sustainable system, so it can be recycled and not wasted.

5 Because they are made with a slower timeframe, slow fashion products tend to be limited. Suitable for those of you who like exclusive and limited edition items.

6 A number of brands and designers have started to implement the slow fashion movement by making handmade products that are made by hand so that they last longer and are of higher quality.

7 As a user of fashion products, you can also participate in the slow fashion movement by using a sustainable concept. One of them is by shopping for used fashion products that are still worthy of being reused, so they are not wasted as waste. Come on, start the slow fashion movement from now on!

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