Here’s How To Choose A Swimsuit According To Your Body Shape To Fit It

It's 2021. We are free to wear whatever we like and we want. But, a swimsuit is a different matter. Wearing a swimsuit is a little tricky because it's about self-confidence. Many people feel reluctant to swim because they don't feel confident about wearing a swimsuit. A swimsuit that is tightly attached to the body can corner the fats you want to hide. But don't make excuses for self-confidence to make you lazy to exercise. Moreover, swimming, which is actually a fun sport that can help maintain a healthy heart and lungs. Therefore, you must be smart in choosing a swimsuit. Adjust to your body shape. Here's how.

1 Pear Body Shape (Triangle)

This lower body shape looks wider than the upper body. Use a two-piece swimsuit with a high waisted style. That way, the shape of your small waist can be accentuated. You can choose the bottom of the swimsuit that has a hem and falls a few inches below the hips.

2 Spoon Body Shape

This body shape is more or less the same as a pear or triangle shape, but with wider shoulders. You can expose your small waist by wearing a one-piece swimsuit that has cut-outs at the waist. Or, choose a high waisted bikini bottom. A suit with sleeves will also suit your broad shoulders.

3 Rectangular Body Shapes

Often times, these rectangular body shapes are thin. You can choose a bandeau bikini top and a square neckline. This model is perfect for you, especially for those of you whose chest is small. If you want to give the illusion of a fuller body, choose a swimsuit with tassel accents or a cheerful motif. But if you like the minimais, a triangle bikini or swimsuit with a deep neckline is also suitable for you.

4 Hourglass Body Shape

You with this body shape have natural curves at the top and bottom of the body. Luckily, you are suitable to wear any bathing suit. But if you want to highlight your body shape, you can use a classic underwire bikini top, a high waist bikini bottom, or a one-piece swimsuit with cutouts.

5 Apple Body Shape (Inverted Triangle)

Since this body shape is full at the top, you can go for the classic underwire bikini top and the halter top. As for the bottom of the bikini, choose a low waist line. If you want to add dimension to the hips area, choose a one-piece swimsuit with lace details and fringes on the hips.

6 Round or Oval Body Shape

This round or oval body shape is a "filled" version of the rectangular body shape. You can highlight your full body by choosing a bikini top with a bustling pattern, a deep neckline, and try to make your waist appear slimmer by adding a belt or a twisted skirt.

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