Hijab Outfit Ideas Wear White Clothing from Selebgram Liza Rosalita, Guaranteed Fashionable and Anti -Monotony

Hijab outfits wearing white clothes can sometimes make the appearance look boring.

It's no wonder that many hijabers don't like hijab outfits with white clothes.

In fact, a hijab outfit with white clothing can look fashionable by choosing clothes with unique details.

Or, it could be a hijab outfit with white clothes combined with the right fashion items to create a fashionable look.

If you are still confused about how to look fashionable with a hijab outfit wearing white clothes, Stylo Indonesia has compiled it especially for you.

Stylo Indonesia has compiled 3 hijab outfits wearing white clothing from the Liza Rosalita celebrity in the @liza.rosalita account.

1 Hijab Outfit Ideas Using White Clothing and Motif Pants

White clothes do sometimes look plain if they are not combined with the right fashion items.

You can imitate this outfit from Liza Rosalita.

Liza chose a white dress with wrinkle details that were quite unique.

It looks more fashionable by combining the white dress using black and white leather pants.

This white dress with wrinkle details and patterned pants succeeded in eliminating the plain impression in its appearance.

For the hijab, Stylovers can choose a pashmina that is formed in a wrapped model.

Then complete it with black sandals and clutch.

2 Hijab Outfit Ideas Using White Puff Sleeves

One of the ways to get rid of the monotony of white clothing is to choose a trending clothing model.

One of them is by choosing white puff sleeves which are currently in great demand.

Like Liza Rosalita in the photo above.

She wore a white dress with puff sleeves detailing combined with basic gray pants.

Liza Rosalita also added a vest to modify her look. And complete it with a shoulder bag and chic heels.

3 Hijab Outfit Ideas Using White Clothing and Vest

Tired of the same white shirt styling?

You can really imitate the fashionable casual style of wearing a white shirt that successfully looks fashionable from Liza Rosalita.

In this photo, Liza Rosalita is wearing a white shirt combined with straight pants of the same color.

In order not to be monotonous, Liza layered her white shirt with a monochrome vest, part of which was detailed with a smile emoji.

To give a casual impression, choose black sneakers that match the vest.

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