Hijab Style Lesti Kejora, Can Be The Inspiration Of Ramadan and Lebaran Outfits

Lesti Andriyani alias Lesti Kejora always pays attention to her appearance. This can be seen from his fashionable appearance at every opportunity, both on stage and in everyday life.

The style of the Lesti Kejora hijab is also fashionable and simple, so it can be an inspiration in the holy month of Ramadan. Not only that, you can also steal the hijab style of Rizky Billar’s future wife for Eid al-Fitr later.

What are you curious about? Check out the 4 styles of Lesti Kejora’s hijab that are fashionable and simple, as summarized from her personal Instagram page @Lestikejora, Sunday (18/4/2021).

Chic wear nude pashmina

As with black, nude colors are also easy to pair with other colors. Just look at the style of the singer of the song “Kejora” who looks chic wearing a nude pashmina with a pretty red blouse.

Stay calm with the hijab motif

Unlike the previous hijab styles, in this photo, Lesty looks calm wearing a soft, floral-patterned hijab. She also wears a milky brown inner color that looks right on her face.

Simple to wear a black hijab

Black is never wrong. Like a black hijab that fits well with any outfit. Like this one Lesty style, where she wears a simple black hijab and is also combined with matching color clothes. If you love going dark, you can copy this Lesty style!

Pretty in white

This last Lesty Kejora style is suitable for Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr events later. Because, in this photo, he is wearing a white hijab with his shirt. Apart from being a neutral color, white is also synonymous with Eid because it reflects cleanliness, purity and a happy atmosphere.

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