Ide Mix and Match Knit ala Karina aespa, Stylish!

Knit is one of the fashion items that is suitable to be used to warm the body, especially in the rainy season and the transition season. Because it is now approaching the rainy season, knitted fashion items can also be a mainstay of clothing so that the body always feels warm.

However, many people find it difficult to mix and match knit to stay comfortable and fashionable. So, so you can mix and match your knit, let's scroll through the following Karina Aespa style mix and match knit reference! It turned out to be simple and very easy to cheat, you know!

  1. Look casual, you can mix peach color knit with straight jeans. Easy for traveling
  2. It's not complicated, you can use an oversized knit. However, if you are not confident, you can use skinny jeans to support your appearance
  3. Simple and stylish, you can mix and match a turtleneck knit with dark unfinished jeans. Never fail

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