ideas to Look Stylish While Vacationing in Bali a la Prilly Latuconsina

Bali tourism has started to open in July 2021 for domestic tourists. The country's artists do not miss this opportunity to take a trip to this exotic island. One of them is Prilly Latuconsina.

There, Prilly seemed to enjoy spending her free time with several colleagues on the sidelines of work. With a cool and peaceful Balinese feel, he also stole the show with his sensual holiday outfit choices.

Take a peek at Prilly Latuconsina's holiday style with a variety of tropical clothes while on vacation in Bali below.

1 Shades of Lilac

Prilly Latuconsina looks relaxed in a contemporary lilac nuance outfit. With her hair down, she showed off her shoulders by wearing a tie-dye tank top and tube skirt. He also displayed a relaxed impression by wearing ribbon-accented flip-flops which also had the same lilac nuance. The match is over!

2 Scarf Top

Still with a lilac feel, Prilly also looks stunning with a soft and slippery combination of a wrapped skirt and scarf top. She wears a silk scarf as a bralette, matching the tropical weather on the island of Bali. Anti-hot, Prilly Latuconsina then styled her hair up elegantly.

3 Crop Top

Furthermore, Prilly also looks matched with the green nature of Bali when she wears a mint green crop top. Combined with short pants, crop top detail with balloon sleeves and a square neckline makes it look cute.

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