Inspiration of Kebaya and Glamorous Felicious Angelista Dress

Felicya Angelista is one of the Indonesian actresses who stole the attention. His love relationship with Caesar Hito, is considered a relations of goals by netizens. Felicya often distributed her daily activities and portraits of her mesan with Hito on Instagram.

In addition, the 25-year-old girl also uploaded several portraits in her dress and kebaya. Come on, we're peeping inspiration kebaya and glamorous dress ala felicya angelista below!

1 felicya wear a wide dress made from satin with fine fur or decoration like rubiah hijab, and additional cape in the arm

2 Friends of Natasha Wilona looks graceful wrapped in a white dress with a See Through model, sweetened with a puff arm model

3 Felicya Wear a low collar dress with a chiffon skirt. More attractive with detail tassel hair in the arm area

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