Inspiration of Thanaerng’s One Set Outfit, Look Stylish and Trendy

Looking fashionable doesn't have to be complicated mix and match ideas, now only by using a one set outfit you can also look stylish in contemporary fashion. One set outfit gives a simple and comfortable impression that is suitable for OOTD.

For those of you who are starting to be interested in using a one-set outfit, you can really cheat on various outfit ideas a la Thai actress, Thanaerng, who often uses a stylish one-set outfit. His easy-to-cheat style is a must try! Immediately scroll to the bottom, come on!

1 One set of crop top and midi skirt in silver shades combined with white sneakers and a sling bag will be perfect for a simple fashion style

2 A sporty and comfortable look that is easy to cheat with a set of printed sweater and jogger pants in pastel blue shades combined with sneakers

3 One tone outfit ideas in the form of a blazer, slit skirt to stocking boots from the well-known brand Gucci give a stunning elegant impression

4 One set of monochrome nuanced blazer with houndstooth motif looks classy with a touch of white blouse

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