Take a peek at the Kroma Collection from Dian Pelangi, Very Colorful

Dian Pelangi continues to produce works in the homeland fashion industry. At the Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) 2021, Dian presented a fashion collection entitled Kroma.

“Kroma is the degree of color or color saturation, this collection is back to basic Dian Pelangi which is bright, bright, and colorful,” explained Karina Pratiwi at the ISEF virtual conference, October 31, 2021.

The clothes displayed by Dian Pelangi depicts joy and enthusiasm with bright colors.

“This design depicts euphoria, because before this pandemic the world seemed to have stopped. And when there was an ISEF invitation, we were really excited and this feeling of enthusiasm was deployed in our collection,” added Karina.

Pink and Green

In this look, Dian Pelangi displays a pink dress with a tiered model that is getting wider. The color chosen is very playful, namely pink combined with a neon green mask.

Yellow and White

Next look, with almost the same model, namely a long dress with a bright yellow stacking model. Clothing that is suitable for wearing to the beach can be combined with a hijab and a white hat that makes the appearance more chic.

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