Iris Apfel’s 100th Birthday Fashion Icon Portrait

Ladies, sometimes many people are not confident in their fashion style for reasons of age. But actually the choice of color in a person's fashion style cannot reflect his age.

Iris Apfel is a business, interior design & fashion, and fashion icon known for her highly distinctive style, oversized accessories and round glasses to name a few. Uniquely, this fashion designer and interior designer has just celebrated his 100th anniversary on August 29 yesterday.

Iris Apfel is often called the oldest teenager because of her fashion style. She is an attention-grabbing figure who is not afraid of brightly colored clothes and flashy make-up. Her hair is light gray, while her favorite lipstick color is red, pink, or orange.

Here are 7 portraits of fashion icon, Iris Apfel who is turning 100 years old.

1 Appearance of Apple Iris when it's still young

Iris Apfel's fashion style inspires many people. To date, Iris Apfel's followers on Instagram have reached more than 1.7 million.

Iris Afpel was born with the name Iris Barrel in Astoria, Queens, New York in 1921. She really likes clothes with lots of colors and accessories. His love of color started when he was little. Her mother suggested Apfel to buy a black dress so that it can be matched with any accessories. But Apfel refuses and prefers flashy colors because it is his identity.

2 Iris Afpel Celebrates Her 99th Birthday

Unlike this year, in 2020 Iris Apfel wore a dark blue patterned dress and a large dark red necklace. He was accompanied by a Mickey Mouse doll and a balloon that read his age '99'.

3 Slices of Apple with a Christmas Themed Look

Iris Afpel wore a dark green suit with a floral print. Don't forget to combine this suit with brown loafers and red Christmas socks.

4 Iris Afpel's new year's fashion style with silver nuances.

Appearing in a fresh style, Iris Afpel is stylish while holding a teapot in front of the torquise colored kitchen set. He wore a silver patterned robe and a feather shawl.

5 Iris office fashion styles with a pack of stuffed dogs

In her post on social media Instagram, Iris wore a floral robe and a yellow striped midi skirt. She also wore pink stockings that matched her flat shoes.

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