It turns out that Yuki Kato loves Indonesian traditional clothes, which makes her the center of attention

Yuki Kato turns out to have an amazing fashion sense and makes her different from other celebrities. By continuously recovering under his personal Instagram account, he has a characteristic where Yuki likes to appear in traditional clothes and little does the Bazaar know he loves traditional clothes.

Yuki shared a photo of herself through her Instagram profile and this time became the center of attention in cyberspace. Because only Yuki has managed to look like no one else would ever think of and who else will you find who dares to wear a kebaya with a modern twist? With a written caption saying, "Kebaya by combining it with your favorite jeans, why not? #dairyukikato." In the photo, Yuki is wearing a new light pink flea top and adds a gold brooch lying on the surface as with other traditional kebaya outfits. This appearance makes her very unique, she combines it with a pair of wide-leg jeans that carry out Yuki's appearance like wearing a modern kebaya. But she still styled her hair in a bun and earrings to create an elegant look. Yuki added a very attractive accessory, namely carrying a Lady Dior tote bag in the same color as her kebaya.

To start a new chapter yesterday, Yuki uploaded a photo and again dressed up with a touch of tradition. The host of Who Wants to be a Champion took a vacation to the island of the gods to celebrate the new year and he wore a simple appearance with a tank top and black trousers, to complete his appearance, with his love for traditional Indonesian clothing, he wrapped himself in a red batik scarf that make it look very dazzling.

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