Jessie J’s Bump- Baring Outfits Are A memorial That Rihanna Revolutionised gestation Style

Jessie J said that she was inspired by the one and only RiRi.

Motherliness style, at least in celebrity circles, has changed ever- and we’ve Rihanna, the queen of wearing whatever the hell you want during all three trimesters, to thank forthat.However, go for it, If that meansleggings.However, also go for it, If that means a sheer babydoll dress.( With baby number two on the way we can not stay to see what she has in store for us!) One celebrity who has been inspired is Jessie J. At the BRIT Awards, which took place on Saturday, the songster arrived in style, wearing a red hot set by with a matching ruffled cloak that showed off her belly.( Interestingly, it was a remarkably analogous shade to the honey red ensemble- custom- made Loewe- worn by a certain someone at the Super Bowl.)

In an interview with Capital FM, Jessie said she’s,’ celebrating unapologetically!’ and her recent motherliness wardrobe is proof! Bump- unbosoming, along with bold snap colours, has now come hand JessieJ.

In another interview on the red carpet, Jessie was asked if she had any other choice but to wear her belly out’ I feel like why not? I was looking at dresses and what I could do and I was like so numerous people cover it up. Actually Rihanna, just inspired me to just, you know, who knows if this will ever be again so I am just going to celebrate it.’

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