Julie Estelle vs Cathy Sharon, 2 Fashionable Compact Brothers

Cathy Sharon and Julie Estelle’s sisters are Indonesian actresses who are well known in Indonesia. Julie Estelle starred in a number of films, such as The Raid 2 (2014) to Foxtrot Six (2019). Meanwhile, Cathy Sharon’s acting can be seen in the film Imperfect: Career, Love, & Scales (2019) to the soap opera Mimo Meet Poscha (2012).

Both of them have a good fashion sense and deserve to be used as inspiration. Let’s try Julie Estelle and Cathy Sharon’s style, let’s go!

1 Do you prefer Cathy’s navy tulle dress or go for a sleeveless dress with Julie’s motif?

2 The white top is pretty easy to match. You can choose patterned trousers or plain pants with matching colors

3 Two ways to appear feminine are by wearing a dress or matching a blouse with a subordinate in the form of a skirt

4 The two of them were seen wearing a black mini dress and ankle boots heels. Very sweet!

5 This time, Julie chose to appear in a patterned and sequined dress, while Cathy wore a simple black sleeveless dress.

6 Julie looks cute in a patterned tunic and material pants. The older sister looks casual with a t-shirt, vest, and denim bottoms

7 twins with army color pants, Julie wore a blue cropped top, while Cathy chose soft pink

8 The formula for combining dress and outer is if your dress is long, then choose a short outer. Vice versa!

9 Who says a sweatshirt top goes well with just pants? You can combine it with a midi skirt too, you know!

There it is 9 Julie Estelle and Cathy Sharon style fights. Confused which one to choose because it is both charming and fashionable or not?

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