Kalina Ocktaranny’s Kebaya Inspiration, There’s an Idea for a Wedding

Kalina Ocktaranny’s name in the entertainment industry is synonymous with her career as a magician and model. Currently, this 41-year-old woman is still active in the Indonesian entertainment industry.

In this article, IDN Times will discuss 5 ideas of Kalina Ocktaranny’s kebaya. Want to know what the kebaya inspiration looks like?

1 white bustier kebaya for a holy wedding day

For a sacred wedding day, you can wear a classic kebaya. For example, a white kebaya with bustier accents and a closed collar in the style of Kalina. Bottoms can wear a light brown batik skirt.

Don’t forget to wear a white lace veil to complete the look! This OOTD kebaya looks simple, but also elegant. Suitable for those of you who want to hold a simple wedding party!

2 3/4 sleeve black kebaya for invitation

For those of you who want to look casual and fashionable on a friend’s invitation day, you can copy this Kalina style! This slim body model wears a black kebaya top with 3/4 sleeves.

She also wears a batik maxi skirt and obi belt. To make it more fashionable, you can add high heels and a party bag.

3 elegant Balinese kebaya suits

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