Latest Shoe Models Modern Minimalist Style Elegant To Match Gamis And Hijab

Wearing a robe and hijab makes our appearance calmer and more elegant, especially when worn at the moment of Eid. In order for our simple style to appear more fashionable with a modern minimalist style that is still polite and not excessive, it’s a good idea to choose a shoe model that suits our robe and hijab. So, for you lovers of neutral colors, this row of Ramadan collections from Charles and Keith can be an inspiration!

1 The collection titled Dusk to Dawn by Charles and Keith was released on April 1, 2021. The key style in this collection is a shoe model with a minimalist look but with elegant and glamorous details.

2 This special Ramadan collection consists of slip-ons, pump shoes, and simple design slingback flats. Comes in a neutral color like this black slip on, it makes it easy for us to match it with a plain robe of any color.

3 Fans of neutral colors like khaki or gray can choose this sharp-toed pump shoe for their plain robe. Pair it with a matching quilted bag with this gorgeous gold chain detail to give your simple style a touch of class.

4 A patch with an all-black shirt can also look classy graceful with this elegant silvery lacing detailing shoe. Pair it with a matching black handbag or slingback with luxurious gold accents.

5 Shoes with heels add elegance to our simple styles. The crystal accents and rock ornaments for this Charles and Keith shoe collection also make the appearance with a plain robe even more elegant, glamorous, and modern.

Wow, the Ramadan Charles and Keith collection is perfect for clothes with neutral pastel monochromatic colors. You can combine it with a plain robe in light blue, pink, or other pastel colors, or go with a monochrome style in a black and white shirt, paired with classic and versatile accessories such as a bag with beautiful quilt accents!

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