Like Cinderella, These Transparent Bridal Shoes Are Suitable To Be Worn By Brides

sepatu cinderela

Almost most brides want to look special on their wedding day. It will be a once -in -a -lifetime moment, every bride of course wants something effective. Not infrequently, the Eves have the concept of a dream wedding like a working princess in a fairytale land. Anyone want to look like Cinderella with glass shoes? You can make it happen. Certainly not by wearing shoes that are actually made of glass. You can wear transparent shoes that are no less charming. If you have trouble getting it in a shoe store, you can make it custom. Here are some examples of a la Cinderella wedding shoe designs that will beautify your look.

1 Crystal and clear bridal heels

The first inspiration came from bridal shoes that were once released by the famous brand Christian Louboutain. These transparent heels look luxurious with a touch of silver and decoration in the form of small crystal stones. Unique but not so prominent accents are also present from the red color that is on the soles of shoes. It fits very well with a wedding dress with a long tail or one that has a long midi cut.

2 Metallic ankle strap shoes

Still with the see-through concept, this one shoe will give the impression of a foot that looks stair. Similar to the first design, this shoe also has details in the form of small stones affixed to the buckle, sole, to the front. At first glance it seems very simple. When worn together with a wedding dress, these shoes will look luxurious and elegant. If you buy these shoes, you can wear them again later, not just disposable on the wedding day. Still suitable for other parties.

3 Lace pointy pumps

Planning to hold a wedding outdoors? You need shoes that aren’t too high to keep walking comfortably ?. Consider wearing lace pointy pumps. With the right shape that is square and not too high, you can walk more easily. In addition, the lightweight material also makes the feet abrasion-free when having to stand for hours. The color ivory can be chosen so that the impression of elegance and luxury like a fairytale country wedding still exists.

4 Lace flat shoes

Wearing heels for a wedding can be considered too mainstream. What’s more, the party will last quite a while. Wearing high heels will certainly make your feet feel sore. As a solution, there are lace flat shoes. If you want to give a more luxurious impression, you can add crystals or pearls in some parts.

5 Ankle block heels

No less luxurious and unique, there are bridal shoes with all transparent starting from the front, heels, to the strap. This design is indeed inspired by the story of Cinderella and her glass shoes. This is a design collaboration between Disney and Aldo. If you can’t get the original shoes, it doesn’t matter. You can still slightly mimic the design of these bridal shoes. Not to be missed, there are still trinkets arranged in front of it so that the bride’s footwear is not too plain.

Already inspired bridal shoes’ right now? For high rights, you can actually adjust it again to the location of the party. To be sure, the right to wedding shoes ideally does not exceed 12 cm. Especially for the bride who wears a dress with a large volume, shoes with a heel of 2-3 cm is enough to keep walking safely and comfortably.

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