Luna Maya Outfit Price When Becoming Indonesia’s Next Top Model Judge Makes Gawking

Not only good at acting, Luna Maya is also good at waddling the catwalk as a model. Now, Reino Barack’s ex-lover has been asked to become a judge in Indonesia’s Next Top Model competition.

He also provided input and assessed the appearance of the models. Occasionally Luna also shows her ability to pose in front of the camera.

One of the things that caught the attention of netizens was Luna’s stunning appearance. The outfit he wears also comes from various well-known brands at quite fantastic prices.

What was the estimated price for Luna Maya’s outfit when she was a judge at Indonesia’s Next Top Model? Check out the following reviews.
Sleeveless Sheath Dress

Luna Maya looks beautiful with a Sleeveless Sheath Dress from Fendi, which has an estimated price of IDR 56.1 million.

Promenade Ankle Boots

The shoes worn by Luna Maya are Fendi’s Promenade Ankle Boots with an estimated price of IDR 17.9 million.

Signature Kimono

Tops from Signature Kimono With Layered Peplum whose price is estimated at IDR 8.5 million. Luna Maya’s appearance also looks so elegant.

Slashed Light Wool Silk Jacket

Luna Maya wears Slashed Light Wool Silk Jacket from ALEXANDER MCQUEEN whose price is estimated at IDR 49 million. Looks simple but still has a formal style.

Oversized Twill Blazer Dress

This blue dress is a collection of the BALENCIAGA brand, namely the Oversized Twill Blazer Dress, which is estimated at IDR 17.6 million.

Metallic Pussy-bow Blouse

Luna Maya wore a Metallic Pussy-bow Blouse, the price of which was estimated at IDR 19.7 million. This outfit makes Luna’s appearance look even classier. He also uses Metallic Effect Tapered Trousers, whose price is estimated at Rp. 11 million.

Kol wearing GUCCI – GG damier jacquard jacket

Kol wearing GUCCI – GG damier jacquard jacket, a collection of the GUCCI brand which has an estimated price of Rp.39.7 million. No wonder Luna’s appearance always stunned netizens.

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