Minimalist Fashion Is The Choice Of Today’s Trend, Focus On Quality and Function

Maybe you've been in a position that makes you confused about what clothes to wear, even though in fact in the wardrobe there are many clothes to choose from. There are so many choices, it can also cause confusion.

The trend in the fashion world continues to grow, and lately, less is stylish has become a jargon that is being carried by many. It's no longer the act of playing piles or bright colors that are the inspiration, but simple fashion in terms of type, cut, or color.

In addition, the need to focus all activities at home makes many people choose fashion items based on function and comfort. Therefore, finally the minimalist fashion trend emerged. By 'throwing away' a few fashion items that you never used and just piling up in the cupboard, it ends up giving up empty space in the closet, saving you time by not getting confused between the many options, also making you less wasteful.

Decluttering So A Way to Implement Minimalist Fashion

First of all, you must be willing to remove some fashion items from your wardrobe. Especially old fashion items or those that are rarely used. You can apply the 'keep the essentials' principle, aka only maintaining important fashion items that you actually wear.

This is known as decluttering. There are three points in decluttering, namely selecting, sorting, and eliminating. You can sell or donate items that are eliminated.

Changing, not adding

In applying minimalist fashion, you must apply the principle of replacing, not adding. If you buy new clothes, make sure they replace other items that you eliminated.

Principles of monochrome and basic colors

Minimalist fashion also focuses on color. Generally, this trend plays in monochrome and basic colors. Colors in the form of black, white, gray, navy, beige, nude, and camel are choices if you want to apply this minimalist fashion trend.

Nicoline Marina Patricia, a well-known fashion photographer from Indonesia, has started to adopt this minimalist fashion lifestyle. You do this by eliminating the color in his clothes and focusing on monochrome colors. This selection fits in with the minimalist chic style that it carries.

Hate-wear and Sad-wear

The pandemic has also spawned new terms in fashion, hate-wear and sad-wear. Hate-wear was first put forward by The New York Times which focused on selecting fashion items based on function, not style. The necessity of doing activities from home makes people choose clothes that are comfortable and functional. Some items that are classified as hate-wear include joggers and sweaters.

Meanwhile, sad-wear was first put forward by Esquire. This term refers to a fashion item that makes people feel better, even when the atmosphere around is very sad. Among them are pajamas, loungewear, and a hoodie jacket.

Judging from the many benefits that can be felt immediately, it is not surprising that this minimalist fashion trend is very popular because it is suitable to be applied in today's new normal conditions. Maybe, you also want to try this trend.

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