Mistakes in wearing expensive branded clothes that actually make you look tacky and cheap

Branded and expensive clothes do not guarantee that your appearance will also be expensive. If you happen to have more funds to buy branded clothing or fashion items, you may think your appearance will be expensive, but that's not the case. Often the use of branded clothing actually makes you look tacky and cheap.

You don't want to, do you, the clothes you buy are expensive and even look cheap? Quoted from various sources, here are some mistakes in wearing expensive branded clothes that should be avoided if you don't want to look cheap.

1 Wearing branded clothes that have a lot of imitations

Every year there must be clothes that become trends and have certain characteristics. However, with the high fashion competition, there will also be many imitations that appear. For example, the case of Off Side or Supreme clothes, which you can even buy copies of on the roadside. People may not care if you buy a real brand and can accuse you of buying a cheap copy.

2 Full shirts with designer logos

Just like the first point, one thing that is often imitated from a branded shirt or fashion item is the logo. I've also heard my friends, if most OKB (new rich people) buy branded clothes full of logos, which actually makes them look tacky. If you want to buy branded clothes, rather than a logo, it is better to consider the material and model, so that even without looking at the brand you will look expensive.

3 Wear expensive clothes but they are out of date

Most fashion items are very trend following. Wearing trendy and up-to-date clothes can be very risky and expensive. It could be that your branded clothes are really cool this year, but they can be very outdated and cheesy in the following years. Even though you have bought expensive ones, of course you want to be able to use them as often as possible!

4 Full of decoration

In the 90's, there was a trend of women's jeans with ribbons, jewelry, beads, and even bright colors. Some of the jeans were released by luxury brands, so they became an expensive fashion trend. However, clothing with a model like this will also quickly go out of style. Do you want to look classy? Choose jeans with a minimalist style. The simpler, the better. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the clothes you buy.

5 Combining luxury items with ugly combinations

The inability to match clothes properly can make even the trendiest and most expensive outfits look cheesy. Bright clothes should be balanced with pastel colors, because that color is the basis of the wardrobe. It's good if one of the colors can be neutral, such as black, white, or brown.

6 Pay attention to the stitching and lining

Some of the things that make your clothes look cheaper are the stitching and lining. However, what if your branded clothing is designed sheer or see-through? If you're not sure, test the shirt out in the daytime (not just in a dark locker room) before you decide to buy it.

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