Mix and Match Outfit Ideas a la Felix Stray Kids, Don’t Make it Boring!

Felix Stray Kids is one of the idols who is known for his iconic low voice, so it's not surprising that the man who was born in Australia has many fans around the world.

Becoming an idol is, of course, a trend setter for fans, including Felix, whose fashion style has inspired many young people. For those of you who are an outfit reference, Felix has nine styles that you can copy for your OOTD style. Check this out!

  1. Look simple with a combination of oversized black T-shirt and matching cargo pants. Suitable for black outfit lovers, here!
  2. Wear a stripe sweatshirt and pair it with jeans, it's not complicated but very stylish!
  3. Look casual with a white long t-shirt combined with a matching black vest and jeans. Wear a beret hat to be more stylish!

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