Modern Hijab Kebaya Model for Wedding Day

Kebaya clothing always has its own place for those who like weddings with traditional themes, both in Java and other regions in Indonesia.

Kebaya is now also packaged with various models on demand, including weddings with brides who wear hijab. The use of hijab does not eliminate the elegance of the kebaya and instead adds to the variety of modern kebaya models.

If you have a dream of getting married with a kebaya blouse, here are some kebaya models on your wedding day that you can cheat.

The model is contemporary and adapts to those of you who wear the hijab. How does it look? Here, IDN Times gives some references to modern hijab kebaya models for weddings that can be your inspiration.

1 Model kebaya train

A black and gold train kebaya combined with a hijab combination of veil and cunduk mentul, the series of ronce jasmine successfully makes you look noble.

2 pink cheongsam kebaya

You can also choose a pink cheongsam kebaya with an even mote, combine hijab with a combination of 3D flower sequins & a matching veil.

3 Kebaya cape with lace

The combination of the tiara and veil on the hijab makes this silver-lace cape kebaya look elegant with brown fingers.

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