Nia Ramadhani Fashion Style Rows Highlights

Nia Ramadhani's name was again in the spotlight after she and her husband, Ardi Bakrie were arrested for alleged drug possession.

Nia is one of the artists who started her career at a young age. He also starred in many soap operas and films.

In addition to her work in the entertainment world, the style of this 31-year-old woman is also known for her fashionable fashion style.

Even though she already has three children, Nia often looks like a teenager with a row of cute OOTDs. Summarizing from his personal Instagram @ramadhaniabakrie, here are the rows of Nia Ramadhani's fashion styles.

Look Sporty with a Leather Jacket

Sitting on a motorbike, Nia looks sporty in a black leather jacket and red T-shirt. The 'Suster Ngesot' movie player wore black pants as a bottom and complemented her style with round earrings. Natural makeup and loose hair make her appearance even more charming.

Elegant in a Caftan

Nia looks elegant and graceful in a brown floral print caftan. She seemed to be wearing bold makeup with bright red lipstick and gold accessories on her ears. Back appearing with loose hair, Nia's style looks charming.

ABG style

The soap opera actor 'Cinta Kirana' was seen combining a pink thong and a blue denim jacket. Looking more sexy, she added a long black skirt that opened on the side. This colorful but calm style also makes Nia's appearance look like a teenager.

Chic with Black Crop Top

Chic and simple might be the right words to describe OOTD Nia this time. The Jakarta-born artist appeared wearing a black crop top and a gray a-line mini skrit. The style is more chic with black and white sneakers.

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