Nike Air Max Recommendation with the Most Timeless, Best Silhouette!

Air Max is one of Nike's most successful series, which has many fans around the world. Nike Air Max was first released in 1987 whose models are continuously updated by Nike on a regular basis.

However, from the various Nike Air Max variants, it turns out that there is a Nike Air Max silhouette which is considered timeless, so it is really suitable for you to have as a shoe that can accompany your activities with various outfits because of its timeless design. In addition, it is also suitable as a collection because it has its own value from its timeless design.

For those of you who are curious about which Nike Air Max silhouettes are timeless. Here, IDN Times provides a discussion!

1 Nike Air Max 1 White/Red, the original that was the original silhouette and color combination of the Air Max when it was first launched

2 Nike Air Max 90 Infrared, the silhouette that was so popular at the time of its appearance in the legendary infrared color

3 Nike Air Max 95 Neon, an eye-catching and classic mix of a gray gradient that prevents the shoe from looking faded and a vibrant neon color

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