OOTD Inspiration for a Casual Afgan-style Traveling

Not inferior to Korean artists, African soloists also have really cool fashion styles. In fact, even when traveling, Afgan looks stunning with the outfit he wears. Moreover, Afgan often wears a casual and anti-complicated outfit. Fashion styles from Afghanistan are very easy for you to cheat and can be a solid inspiration and matching outfit for traveling to daily OOTD.

So, here are nine casual Afgan-style styles that you can cheat as OOTD when traveling. Try to listen carefully, yes!

1 On vacation to the beach, just wear a white T-shirt and dark short pants plus sandals. Like this casual Afgan style, here!

2 Apart from t-shirts, a black printed shirt can make your appearance look cool. Moreover, when combined with blue short pants, slippers, and sunglasses. Maximum speed!

3 The combination of a gray shirt, black pants, and sneakers is able to make you look stylish when traveling. Try adding black baseball caps as a complement

4 Let’s not do that, try, mix a white shirt with a black boomber jacket and pants. About footwear, you can wear white sneakers, Bro!

5 A black polo shirt goes great with matching colored pants and white sneakers. You can wear this casual Afgan style style when taking a leisurely walk around the city

6 A hoodie can also be a casual and comfortable outfit when traveling. You just have to mix it with black jogger pants, white sneakers, and black baseball caps. Anti-complicated!

7 Red hoodie can be combined with a long coat and black pants. You can add white sneakers and black baseball caps. You can cheat on this one style when traveling to a cold climate country!

8 The combination of a shirt with a plaid shirt never makes your appearance look boring! Black jogger pants, white sneakers, and a hat can complement your style

9 Try mixing a black turtleneck with a blue printing shirt and black pants. Don’t forget to also wear white sneakers plus round glasses as an accessory. Cool!

Those were the nine casual styles in Afgan style that you can cheat as an OOTD when traveling. Afgan often wears complicated clothes like t-shirts or hoodies. Try to cheat on one of these Afghan styles, you can guarantee your appearance will be cool, bro!

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