Outfit Idea with One Set Blazer by Indonesian Artist, Chika Abis!

One set of blazers is often identified with clothing for formal events. Long ago, wearing a set of blazers to the office, might look boring. But it's different from today, where a blazer is an outfit for casual too and can be used for various activities.

Well, this time, together, let's look at ten references to one set of Indonesian actress-style blazer outfits, below, let's go!

  1. The aura is very expensive, Cinta Laura is stunning in a set of blazers made of red velvet
  2. Audi Marissa looks more fresh wearing a set of pink blazer combined with sneakers
  3. To use it at the office, you can cheat Dian Sastro's style who wears a navy blue set combined with white sneakers

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