Portrait of Alyssa Daguise, Al Ghazali’s Girlfriend who Lives in Paris

The love story of the eldest son of Ahmad Dhani and Maia Estianty, Al Ghazali seems to be getting more and more in love. Had been rumored to be getting married, Al Ghazali was forced to undergo a long distance relationship with his lover, Alyssa Daguise who lives in Paris. After 6 months of LDR, the two of them re-uploaded a portrait together.

Since going public a few years ago, Alyssa Daguise's style has increasingly stolen the public's attention. Often showing fashionable OOTDs, Alyssa Daguise also doesn't hesitate to rely on various branded fashion items.

1 Alyssa Daguise flaunts Christian Dior underwear while wearing a pink matching set.

2 Peeking at her personal Instagram account, Alyssa Daguise always shows her trendy style. The OOTD combination of a coat with a cropped top, latex short pants and knee high boots is one of the favorites for followers.

3 Having a fashionable personal style, Alyssa Daguise's appearance seems to be getting more and more attention with all-branded fashion items.

4 Alyssa Daguise looks even more level when she relies on a denim jumpsuit.

5 A black blazer that is synonymous with formal style looks more casual when Alyssa Daguise pairs it with a white t-shirt, denim pants and loafers.

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