Potre Dwi Handayani Pregnant Second Child, The Beautiful!

Dwi Handayani is now looking forward to the birth of her second baby with her husband, Muhammad Putra Setia. Even though she is pregnant, Freya's mother still looks beautiful at every opportunity.

Summarized from his Instagram page, here is a beautiful portrait of Dwi Handayani at the moment of her second pregnancy. Come on, Ladies!

1 Wear a white dress, Baby Bump Dwi Handa is a highlight

Entering the increasingly large gestational age, the Dwi Handayani celebgram looks beautiful when wearing her white dress. With a simple dress model, she showed her baby bump which was clearly visible. This shooting session made the aura of the pregnant woman radiate so beautifully.

2 Happy Portraits with Husband, Make Envy!

Every couple certainly can't wait to wait for their baby to be born into the world. Like the couple Dwi Handa and Putra Setia, the happy hue never seems to be separated from the looks on the faces of this one celebgram pair.

3 Wear the Outfit Compact with the Child, Freya

It is no longer a secret that Dwi Handa has an eldest daughter who is so beautiful and adorable. At one point, the two of them appeared compact in matching outfits.

4 Beautiful Dress, Disguise the Portrait of the Middle Body with Two Bodies

This woman who was born on December 16, 1993 looks beautiful and elegant when wearing a patterned dress designed by @javina_official. The luxurious impression of this dress can also be seen from the additional transparent outer.

5 looks elegant in her pink dress

The soft pink color can exude a graceful aura to its users. As used by Dwi Handa. These beautiful hijabers look so elegant when wearing their unique soft pink dress.

6 Remain Stylish Mix and Match Outfit Worn

When it comes to mix and match clothes, Dwi Handa is the champion! Pregnancy that is getting bigger doesn't seem to influence this mother of Freya to keep actively doing mix and match clothes.

She looks beautiful with mix and match culottes, long t-shirt, and modern vest. Even this very matching mix, makes your big belly disguised, you know!

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