Reducing Clothing Waste Through Sharing Clothes at the Moment of Ramadan

Ramadan is a very appropriate moment to share with others. One of them is through the #HappyBerbagiBaju Lebaran movement carried out by Reckitt Indonesia through Vanish.

Through this movement, Reckitt Indonesia invites the Indonesian people to donate old clothes suitable for use for those in need. By donating, it will extend the life of clothing to reduce clothing waste.

The movement was carried out, considering that many of us still cannot buy new clothes to celebrate Eid. Through the #HappyBerbagiBaju movement, Vanish wants to invite the Indonesian people to share happiness.

"By 'reviving' their old clothes that they deserve to wear with Vanish to make clothes that look clean and appropriate to wear to welcome this moment of togetherness. Wearing the best clothes is a form of joy in welcoming Eid al-Fitr," said Marketing Director Reckitt Indonesia, Rahul Bibhuti, in a release received by, Thursday (28/4/2022).

Aghnia Punjabi, a hijab influencer who is also a fashion entrepreneur said, in the fashion industry, there is the term fast fashion to describe how clothes are produced quickly in order to keep up with the latest trends. "The behavior of buying new Eid clothes is also driven by fashion trends that display different designs every year," he said.

Aghnia believes that the success of Ramadan is not only reflected in fasting for a whole month but also in how we push ourselves to be better. One of them is in terms of clothing consumption.

“I apply the concept of one in, one out, namely when buying new clothes, I will choose old clothes that can be donated to others in need. With this concept, besides being able to bring happiness to others, we can also contribute to efforts to reduce clothing waste which is one of the threats to environmental sustainability.”

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