Refounders Mask by Rinaldy Yunardi Makes the Eccentric Style of the Legendary Singer Cher More Beautiful

Legendary Hollywood singer Cher is known for her eccentric style. As seen at the Academy of Motion Pictures Museum, the 90s hit singer 'Believe' is seen wearing a monochrome suit with a leopard motif blend.

Cher also completes her style with accessories that are no less eyecating. Like a two-tone hat and a black mask with details that complement the eccentric style, it is even more beautiful.

Apparently the mask was designed by Indonesian accessory maestro Rinaldy Yunardi through his Refounders fashion line. The mask is Rinaldy's work which was made during the pandemic.

"It's a mask made by me with the brand ready to wear Refounders. The material is cloth and crystal," said Rinaldy when contacted by, Tuesday (28/9/2021).

Cher 2 uses Rinaldy's design

This is not the first time Cher has worn accessories designed by Rinaldy Yunardi. In 2019, she wore a metal lace collar for the 2019 Booktour album.

The shoulder piece necklace is made of intricately carved metal. With a dazzling antique silver and copper finish.

"That's right, this is the second time. The first is a necklace," added Ko Yung, as he was greeted.

For those who want to wear the masks that Cher wore, they can order them right away. When else, look the same as the legendary actress Cher!

"Yes, it has to be PO, but the availability of stock is limited," concluded Rinaldy.

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