Ririn Dwi Ariyanti and Siti Adira Kania’s Style Competition, Full of Charm!

The closeness of Ririn Dwi Ariyanti and Siti Adira Kania used to share them on their respective Instagram accounts. Both of them often take OOTD photos together with a compact style and outfit.

In this article, IDN Times has summarized 11 competing styles of Ririn Dwi Ariyanti and Siti Adira Kania. What are you curious about? Guaranteed to be equally fashionable!

1 Mix and match the Batwing blouse and Ririn-style mayung skirt to look elegant. Meanwhile, Dira's sleeveless blouse & pants looks casual

2 For OOTD casual style, mix a shirt with long pants or wear a blouse with a wrapped skirt. Equally fashionable for a hangout!

3 Ririn's puff sleeved maxi dress exudes an elegant charm. With a more relaxed style, Dira wore a midi dress accented with spots

4 Pair a black t-shirt with trousers and ankle boots. Then, add a long outer and a sling bag for a comfortable style for the holidays

5 This combination of long-sleeved blouse and trousers looks equally fashionable. Pair it with high heels or mules

6 OOTD in this white top and midi skirt, looks feminine. Do you prefer a pakaisling bag or a rattan bag, do you?

These 7 all-white OOTDs look chic. You can mix a formal blazer or wear a blouse with a relaxed culottes

8 One set can be a solution to look fashionable in an instant! Do you prefer one set of gray Ririn style or a Dira-style blazer and pants suit, do you?

9 Mix and match the Sabrina blouse and denim pants in the style of Ririn to look elegant. Meanwhile, the mix and match of Dira-style tank tops and pants looked more boyish

10 Ririn wears light yellow kaftans, perfect for family outings. Meanwhile, the orange jumpsuit Dira was wearing was cool for the holidays

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