Rows of Tips to Appear Photogenic in Front of the Camera Like a Top Model

Looking beautiful and charming in front of the camera is an important thing for most people. Moreover, if we want to upload it to social media, of course we want it to look attractive. So, so that you can feel more confident, here are some tips to appear photogenic in front of the camera like the world's top models. Listen, let's!

1 Let it not blink

One thing that makes our photos less attractive is that our eyes are closed. Well, the way you can do so that your eyes don't blink is when the count is for a photo, you can close your eyes, then open them slowly before the camera takes a photo.

2 Avoid double chins

To avoid double chin, you can lengthen your neck, push your face slightly forward, and lower your chin. Also, make sure the camera is taking your face from a slightly upward position, not from below. If the camera is below the face and in front of the face, it will make our double chin visible.

3 Apply makeup

No need to be thick, just a light make-up, it can make your face look charming. For example, put on powder, with dark brown eyeliner all over the lids, then add mascara, and put on lipstick. The most important thing is to wear makeup that matches your skin tone. In addition, add a thin foundation layer on the neck so that the color of the face and neck is more even.

4 Don't forget to smile!

To produce interesting photos, make sure you smile when the camera takes your picture. The tip, put your tongue behind your teeth every smile so that you don't pull your lips too far to the right and left.

5 Relax

If you are stiff, the resulting photo will make you look forced. So, don't tense up and make your body as relaxed as possible. This method can help you get more attractive and natural-looking photos.

6 Select a photo angle

So you don't seem stiff by looking straight at the camera, you can turn your gaze to the other side. For example, turn your head slightly to the side to reveal a sharper shape of your face. The most important thing is not to slouch while you're in the photo.

7 Try different angles

Don't just take photos from one angle. You can take from several angles. So, you can find which angle can accentuate your facial features. Take photos in a variety of poses to give you more freedom to experiment.

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