Same clothes! This is a comparison of Zendaya and Beyoncé’s sexy style

Zendaya is indeed an icon of the millennial generation who is really a role model. Having a successful tv series, his style is also inspiring. The image of adult women has also been shown for a long time, as evidenced by the selection of dresses that are quite open. Including this newest one!

Celebrating the red carpet at the 2021 BET Awards at home, Zendaya was inspired by Beyoncé’s sexy style in 2003 when she performed at BET with Crazy In Love. This purple chiffon dress by Versace has a very low cleavage with a beautiful play of colors, namely green and a touch of magenta. To complete the look, Zendaya chose matching colored stilettos.

The dress that Beyoncé wore was in the form of a miniskirt, while the one Zendaya was wearing was a bit long even though it had high slits. As a tribute Zendaya wrote the caption: “Crazy In Love.” for the photo. He even shared his photos in various other sexy poses.

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