Shirin Al Athrus vs. Style Amel Carla, Fun Style for Teens

Shirin Al Athrus and Amel Carla are public figures with a fun style. The mix and match of the outfits they use can be cheated for teenagers.

If you want to know what the styles of the two celebs look like, let's take a look through this article! Here are 9 Shirin Al Athrus vs. Amel Carla.

1 Wearing a kebaya with bright colors makes the style more cheerful. Amel chooses the peplum model, while Shirin wears a new kebaya

2 Compact wear a white top and jeans. Shirin looks fun with baggy jeans and a shirt, while Amel chooses ripped jeans and a tie dye shirt

3 Terracotta shades applied to the shirts and pants, like spring colors that make these two girls look cute

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