Sophia Latjuba’s style shows off her curves at the age of half a century

Sophia Latjuba does have a charming charm that has always been maintained since the beginning of her career until now. Even though she doesn’t often appear on the small screen now, Sophia Latjuba’s style is always eagerly awaited by netizens.

At the age of 50 years or the equivalent of half a century, Sophia Latjuba increasingly looks sexy with curves that steal attention. Sophia Latjuba shows off her personal Instagram appearance using a mini dress to a bikini.

1 Living in Bali, now Sophia Latjuba often relies on bralettes and wrap skirts for everyday wear.

2 In one of the photos on social media, Sophia Latjuba shows off her curves in a plain bikini.

3 Sophia Latjuba looks cute with a floral mini dress that is paired without excessive accessories.

4 Have an elegant style that is timeless as evidenced by Sophia Latjuba when she wears a black dress at the age of half a century.

5 Showing off your sexy body in a bikini while in Bali, it’s no wonder that Sophia Latjuba is a role model for a healthy lifestyle.

6 Sophia Latjuba’s charming aura has radiated even though she only relies on a white dress as her outfit.

7 Sophia Latjuba immediately looked sensual in a red halteneck dress that matched her lipstick.

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