Street Style Inspiration with Hot Pants

Wearing hot pants while traveling can create a relaxed impression. Just mix it with all kinds of tops, outers, and accessories, to make it even more catchy. Besides that, wearing hot pants can also make your legs look longer, you know! Immediately see how to combine your flagship hot pants from the following inspiration, yes!

1 Unique brick red color meets neutral brown hot pants, making you look girly while traveling. Wear accessories such as earrings with matching colors so that you can make a more stylish impression.

2 The combination of hot pants and blazer, along with the inner form of a bralette or tube top, makes your style really contemporary. In order to be more in line with the trend, wear flagship sneakers to bring out an extraordinary street wear nuance.

3 Choosing a neutral color in appearance when wearing hot pants is no longer a secret to looking stylish. This style is perfect to wear when hanging out with your girl squad!

4 A little more formal, the combination of wearing hot pants with a shiny synthetic leather material, side by side with a long-sleeved white shirt, brings an elegant nuance to make your appearance even more charming.

5 Wear flagship boots and hats, to make your appearance when wearing hot pants and shirts even cooler. Choose hot pants with neutral denim material, then adjust the top with your favorite oversized shirt. Pssst… you can also wear printed shirts, you know!

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