Studying the Meaning of the Fashion of the Princess Diana Statue Full of Memories

The statue of Princess Diana has just been unveiled at Sunken Park, Kensington Palace, London, England on Thursday (01/07/2021).

So far, the public has been waiting for the appearance of the bronze statue. Many can’t wait for her legendary beauty to be carved on a statue.

One of the most curious is the statue’s outfit. Understandably, Diana is known as royalty with high fashion sense. Her looks, including fashion and jewelry choices, inspire fashion trends around the world.

The statue by Ian Rank-Broadley, which was recently revealed to the public, features Diana in a smart casual dress with a semi-formal style.

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Her attire consisted of a collared shirt that opened wide and pleated in front, and a high-waisted pencil skirt with a large-eyed belt.

The choice of dress for the statue may be unusual because the ex-wife of Prince Charles is known for her luxurious and beautiful dresses and fashionable and bold clothes for a royal member of that era.

However, the outfit was chosen because it was considered more classic and in accordance with the wider meaning of the statue.

The outfit perfectly matched the statue which was meant to depict the warmth and high humanity of the woman.

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According to Kensington Palace, the outfit was based on the last period of her life when she gained confidence in her role as an ambassador for humanitarian causes and aimed to convey character and compassion.

Apart from being the wife of the heir to the British throne, Diana is indeed known for the various humanitarian work she does. He was involved in various social organizations and made many breakthroughs.

During his lifetime, he was active in advocating for the elimination of negative stigma against people with HIV/AIDS, including direct contact with the sufferers. At that time, it was still considered dangerous because of the stigma that was still attached to society.
Full of Memories with Prince William and Prince Harry

The figure of Princess Diana is indeed very meaningful to her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Both of them initiated the making of this bronze statue as part of the deepest respect for his mother.

The location was also chosen in Sunken Park, which is said to be Diana’s favorite location when she was still high up in the palace grounds.

This Princess Diana statue dress also turned out to be full of sweet memories for her two sons. During his lifetime, the Princess of Wales was apparently never wearing a similar outfit.

This was revealed from a portrait that was used as a royal Christmas card in 1993 ago. At that time, Diana wore exactly the same clothes as in the statue when posing with her two children.

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There was a slight difference in the hairstyle that Diana wore, but the rest was the same, namely the collared blouse with the open pleats detail, the pencil skirt and the big-eyed belt that was chic in that era.

In this 28-year-old photo, nine-year-old Prince Harry is gazing lovingly at his mother. While Diana turned to Prince William who was looking straight at the camera.

At that time, their family life was still very happy even though it was often in the public spotlight. Shortly after, the marital conflict between Princess Diana and Prince Charles escalated and led to a divorce.

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