Style Battle Paula Verhoeven Vs Kelly Tandiono, Gorgeous Supermodel!

Paula Verhoeven and Kelly Tandiono are two Indonesian models. Both have the same style of dress, you know!

Curious what the style is like? Check out the following article! Who knows, their fashion collection can be your reference when you are confused about choosing clothes.

1 Paula wears a striped midi dress that gives the illusion of a fuller body. Meanwhile, Kelly wears a glamorous blazer + pants suit

2 Paula combined a black shirt and ripped jeans that looked casual. Meanwhile, Kelly looks stunning in a tie blouse & black pants

3 The lilac Sabrina dress worn by Paula looks feminine. Just like the pastel blue asymmetrical dress that Kelly wore

4 The milk chocolate Midi dress with Paula's button accents looks simple. Meanwhile, the combination of a mock net and a Kelly-style mini skirt looks modern

5 Paula wears a green dress, flat shoes, and a straw hat that looks elegant. Meanwhile, Kelly looks confident in a crop top, denim shorts, and baseball cap

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