Style Fight Jessica Iskandar vs. Love Laura, cute like TOP Model!

Many public figures who pursue various fields and professions. Among them Jessica Iskandar and Cinta Laura, these two great women do have the aura of a star. Both seem to shine through many things, such as actresses, presenters, models, singers, to opening a business.

With similar facial features, Jessica and Cinta look like brothers and sisters. Both are also known for their cool style of dress. Come on, look at the style of Jessica Iskandar and Cinta Laura below.

1 This is a portrait of Jessica and Cinta wrapped in elegant silver dresses. Are you team backless dress or one shoulder dress?

2 Different from before, the golden color actually makes Jessica and Cinta's style more luxurious. Both of them are also compact wearing headpieces

3 One set outfit consists of a blazer and trousers. Do you prefer the patterned style of Jessica or the plain style of Love?

4 There are two invitation style references that you can try. Monochrome style casual, or traditional batik kaftan

5 Both of them look similar and charming wearing woven outfits. The warm tones match their skintones, warm!

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