Syahrini’s style attracts the most attention, from geisha to branded clothes

Apart from being famous as a singer, Syahrini is also synonymous with his luxurious style and shaking blaring. Never absent from performing totality while using branded goods, some of the styles are enough to grab the attention of netizens. No wonder he always talks about his personal style.

Syahrini's styles below include several styles that invite warm conversation. Starting from using a luxurious mukena at the Prophet's Mosque to billions of rupiah in bags.

1 Syahrini once uploaded a photo of herself on a toll road wearing a black, casual branded outfit.

2 When carrying out the Umrah worship several years ago, Syahrini's style of wearing a luxurious mukena became a hot topic for netizens.

3 With increasing popularity, Syahrini is increasingly accustomed to uploading photos of himself on a private plane while wearing branded clothes.

4 Famous as one of the artists who collects Hermès bags, Syahrini has a two-color combination Hermès bag which reportedly costs up to 2 billion rupiah!

5 Celebrating her wedding year with Reino Barack, Syahrini wears a kimono and headpiece like a Geisha complete with her signature makeup.

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