Take a look at the style of Han Hyo Joo, a Korean artist who is ready to come back this year

Han Hyo Joo fans should be happy this year. After a vacuum for 5 years, Han Hyo Joo is rumored to be comeback through the Korean drama, Happiness. In this drama, Han Hyo Joo will play the lead role depicting the post-apocalyptic conflict.

Not only comeback news, Han Hyo Joo is also stealing more attention with her timeless sweet style! During the vacuum, he kept greeting fans through everyday photos until he was undergoing a photo shoot. See more below.

1 Charming Han Hyo Joo while showing off her curves in a black dress with embellished sprinkles.

2 Effortless style a la Han Hyo Joo uses a shirt paired with a classic coat.

3 Han Hyo Joo looked sweet in a shirt dress without excessive jewelry while attending the red carpet.

4 During the photo shoot, Han Hyo Joo appeared sensual in a sleeveless v-neck dress and jewelry on several parts of her body.

5 Han Hyo Joo still looks charming in a simple dress during the black-and-white themed photo shoot.

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