Take a peek at Tasya Farasya’s appearance when she wears a tiger motif blazer, the price will shock you!

Makeup-loving stylovers must be familiar with the figure of Tasya Farasya.

Having more than 4 million followers, Tasya Farasya can be said to be one of the most successful beauty influencers in the country.

Besides being known for her love for the world of makeup, Tasya Farasya is also known for her fashion sense that is not kidding.

Through her personal Instagram account, Tasya Farasya often looks fashionable in branded outfits worth millions of rupiah.

The latest, Tasya Farasya's branded outfit looks unique with a tiger motif blazer that looks bold.

With a price of tens of millions, Tasya Farasya's outfit turned out to be successful in surprising netizens on social media!

Curious what it looks like? Come on, see!

Before knowing the price details of the tiger motif clothes worn by Tasya Farasya, Stylovers must see the influencer's entire outfit.

First of all, Tasya Farasya was seen wearing a black dress with a fringe at the bottom.

A portrait of Tasya Farasya wearing a tiger motif.

It is known, the black dress is a collection of clothing brand Eesome.

Quoted from the Instagram account @tasyafarasya.wearings, the black dress has a price of only IDR 499 thousand, Stylovers!

Well, then on the outside, Tasya Farasya wore a tiger motif blazer with an ombre color.

It is known, the blazer is a collection of brand designer Roberto Cavalli.

And for the price, Stylovers, the blazer turns out to have a price of IDR 27.7 million!

It doesn't stop there, Tasya Farasya's appearance this time is also equipped with sunglasses that have a tiger motif on the frame.

A portrait of Tasya Farasya when she is stylish with her mother.

Still quoted from the same source, the glasses from the Tom Ford brand worn by Tasya Farasya turned out to have a price of Rp. 2.3 million, you know.

And finally, Tasya Farasya's appearance was closed with black high heels from brand designer Malone Souliers.

Still quoted from the same source, the high heels have a price of Rp. 9.5 million!

So, those are the details of Tasya Farasya's overall appearance when she wears a tiger motif.

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