The 20 Most Stylish Female Artists

Fashion will always be part of art, and hence both art and fashion will always be related. Apparently fashion plays such big roles in shaping these stylish female artists along with their unique and eccentric styles of art to be the kind of female artists they are today. It also seems like the more unique the fashion style is, the stronger slot paten the impressions are to create new icons out of themselves. Here we picked 20 most stylish female artists that might inspire you!

1. Guan Xiao

Being well known for her cryptic mixed-media artworks to address her cultural background from the past while trying to convey the message through modern technology, this female artist who is currently based in Beijing, only wants to let her audience to see her artworks as puzzles that need to be solved through different interpretations. Through her daily outfits, she could seem less cryptic than her artworks, since she mostly uses monochromatic colours in simple and practical cuttings with the company of less make-up and large silver hoop earrings with her black hair being tied up.

2. Tony Gum

A young artist from Cape Town who is still exploring herself in her early 20s along with her art styles was named by Vogue as ‘The Coolest Girl in Cape Town’. Her Instagram feed has been maintained in such well-coordinated colour, mostly inspired by Wes Anderson’s colour palette as agreed by her through numerous interviews on some art online platforms. Like other cool-kids, she is mostly seen with sportswear and all-black-streetwear pieces, slot tergacor dan anti rungkat especially the brand Adidas that she has admired since such young age. This stylish artist seems pretty consistent with the composition and aesthetic of the bold colours and eccentric patterns of the clothes she mostly wears.

3. Patricia Iglesias

The beautiful Argentinian visual artist might have made a lot of artworks by including flowers in them, as she believes, to make things more beautiful and to conceal the real ugliness. However, she is almost never seen wearing any floral patterns as part of her outfits. bocoran rtp tertinggi hari ini Tasteful monochromatic colour with masculine touch, looking rather relaxed with the boots and huge hat is her go-to. She is definitely one of those cool fashionable girls you might have known in school!

4. Lynn Spoor

Doing mostly portrait-drawings and abstract paintings, she doesn’t seem like the regular artists with eccentric fashion styles you know. Her style is mostly simple like oversized shirts, sneakers and denim shorts for daily but the charm she reveals through her aura and her artworks turn her simple style into something more interesting.

5. Miya Ando

Being raised by different cultural backgrounds made her the artist she is today. This half-japanese and half-russian-american artist who is based in New York does a lot of abstract paintings with colour gradation and mostly combined with metals. Her artworks might seem a little bit more mysterious and it can be seen through what she wears. slot gacor dan anti rungkat Mostly black, literally all black pieces, with tall boots and just her long black hair being thrown away in a very relaxed manner.

6. Andrea Mary Marshall 

You can see how sensual and passionate this female artist is through her self-portraits done as her works. A combination of fashion, posture, boldness and stylish props are her icons. Black is absolutely the colour that she wears most to feel sexy, like how she wears her Balenciaga motorcycle jacket, Saint Laurent chelsea boots, black Ray Ban aviators and vintage Chanel bag. She deserves being one of these best dressed female artists!

7. Olivia Locher

The beautiful stylish female photographer does her works in a very unique way by using sarcastic approach, different colours and concepts. This can be recognised through her vintage pieces, casual yet comfortable sneakers like Converse and long sleeves with eccentric patterns.

8. Annina Roescheisen

This free-spirited fashionable artist with tattoos covering her hands can be seen wearing playful and pretty feminine pieces of clothing that come in monochromatic colour. Both her fashion style and artworks seem mysterious with a touch of colourful ideas or simply the other way around!

9. Petra Collins

Her feminine and dreamy-looking photographs with bold colours might remind you of the book and movie Lolita. And yes, she gives us the same vibes through her fashion style.

It’s mostly inspired by the style in 70s and she really stands out in a way that what she wears really distinguishes her from other people and it makes her as one of the most stylish female artists. Unique, indeed. You go, lady!

10. Petra Cortright

Just like her paintings and digital works, this stylish female artist she uses a lot of colours in such an abstract manner. And that also what happens to her options of outfits. There is quite a lot of patterns and colours with a touch of classy look there!

11. Amalia Ulman

She is well-known for her ‘Fake Instagram’ project that caught a lot of attention from the media. Even though she might have tried to portray as the typical cool-rich-kid on Instagram there, this female artist is mostly dressed in monochromatic and soft pastel colours along with elegant-cutting clothing.

12. Chen Man

The beautiful fashion photographer from Beijing was named by CNN as China’s Annie Leibovitz. Even though it is somehow hard being a female photographer in China, she really takes it as an advantage. Her fashion style is simple, sleek and elegant, mostly with the colour black.

13. Sarah Morris

This female artist is famous with her graphic abstractions that look more like a virtual architecture. Using so many different kind of colours on her works, you cannot really see it through her fashion style. She sticks to black and white, along with a touch of one bold colour as her accessory to compliment her monochromatic outfit.

14. Pandemonia

As a creation of a self-styled conceptual artist, it is almost impossible to miss Pandemoniac during fashion week parties or simply on the front row of the shows. 7ft tall and all covered in Latex, this fashionable female artist always appears in bright and bold colours to maintain her existence in the crowds.

15. Rachel Feinstein

This contemporary sculptor and painter is best known for her baroque-styled sculptures that feature fairy-tale characters. Her fashion style is nothing too complicated, but she is often seen being in simple dresses with dreamy colours and cuttings or some ornaments on top of it.

16. Juliana Huxtable

Born and raised in Texas, this multimedia artist explores her works by using herself as the primary subject, like her experience as queer woman of colour. Being a bold and stylish artist in the millennial and internet-savvy generation, she dresses up in eccentric colours and prints, along with long braids and unusual choice of lipstick colour.

17. Anouska Beckwith

The British photographer who is based in Paris is also on our list of best dressed female artists! The way she dresses up really depends on the events she is attending, but the touch of vintage pieces will never go out of her body. It’s edgy and elegant at the same time!

18. Milo Moire

Who doesn’t know her? The conceptual artist who is famous for her nude performances and the use of her own body. She is mostly seen with something very minimal, but from time to time she also wears some fashionable and edgy pairs of clothing with some bold colours on it. Everything looks basically good on her well-toned body.

19. Tali Lennox

This particular female artist can be seen in different kind of styles in a very stylish way. Either feminine, hobo, masculine, elegant, she’s got it all! But the soft colours that are mostly used on her portraiture paintings don’t play much part in the colour of her outfits. Fashion seems to play such big roles in her life!

20. Yayoi Kusama

Yes, she’s definitely on our top list. Who doesn’t know this powerful-looking female artist with her feminist and bold art movements? Polkadots, red, bob-haired, who else would be brave enough to dress up like her? No wonder she is listed as one of best dressed female artists!

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